Harry’s on Green Lane


“Harry’s on Green Lane” is open seven days a week with 2 lunch sittings at 12 noon and 2pm – and for dinner Friday and Saturday nights with 2 sittings at 6pm and 8pm.  We specialise in classic,  provincial cuisine accompanied by an impressive, international wine list. Bookings are essential for both lunch and dinner.   Please phone 02 4862 2983.

Harry’s is named after the renowned English nurseryman and horticulturist, Sir Harry Veitch who dispatched daring plant hunters to foreign lands to find exotic treasures for his wealthy London clientele.  It has been said there is not a garden in England that doesn’t feature a plant from Harry’s many expeditions. Sir Harry was also the founder of the famous Chelsea Flower Show.

The bar is filled with plant life and exotic travel memorabilia, in a nod to the intrepid plant hunters Harry dispatched on voyages to places abroad.   Book lined rooms provide a colourful and inviting atmosphere in an elegant Raffles style environment.  With walls covered in vintage botanicals, and dramatic high ceilings dripping with split cane lamp shades, the space is elegant but cosy.  Large vintage pics of the plant hunters on expeditions to far and dangerous parts of the world tie in well with The Orangery Plant Gallery and The Potting Shed garden centre outside, and the elegant atmosphere of  Plantation Cafe next door.

Phone: Harry’s on Green Lane –  02 4862 2983